An interview session with talented producers in town, Piiyush Singh and Abhayanand Singh.

We recently caught up with India’s two talented producers and founders of Golden Film Ratio- Piiyush Singh and Abhayanand Singh. They shared about their upcoming projects, association with directors and company’s future plan in the Entertainment industry.

Firstly congrats on the Extrordinary Journey of Fakir and Nakkash. It recieved wide appreciation. As a producer what all challenges y’all had to face ?                Thanks! It is a very unique film it had an Indian male lead which was based on french adventure comedy directed by a Canadian in English with 3 hindi songs dubbed in tamil and hindi. So managing all markets was a big challenge and to speak a certain language and catering to each one was challanging but ya. It was recieved well by the audience so we’re quite happy.

How do y’all decide to produce a particular? what are the key parameters you keep in mind.
Script! That is the most essential thing.

As a producer how do y’all decide the buget of a film, do you give in whatever the director demands for?
Actually the story decides the budget. A story which is based in a small room may not have a very high budget but story like extraordinary journey of Fakir where the main lead travels around the world the budget goes up. So we can’t really decide the budget before the film. It’s the film, the story that decides what the budget should be.

Tell us what are you producing next?
So we have a Sci-Fi thriller with Abhay Deol and Pankaj kapoor which is in the post production right now. We have another film with Pankaj Kapoor ji called Sehar which is also in the post. We have ‘Bhonsle’ which is ready so that will be up for release in two months time. In addition to that we have 6 more projects at different stages of Pre-production, we have 3 web series 1 tamil film and one marathi film that we’re going to shoot in months time.

Webseries are trending in town, what are the webseries you will be producing?
We have done that. Almost two years back we did a webseries for Alt Balaji. We have three concepts we locked the script, finalised the director and we are connecting to various platforms and co-financing partners too.

Any actor or director that you would like to Collaborate with?
Some of them come with directors. Like there are webseries where the director has come and proposed the script and we agreed to come onboard. We’re at the stage where we are getting casting with webseries just finalising the script and today most actors are ready to do webseries so we’ll start approaching the right casting for each one of them.