Bypass Road movie review by Sonup – 2 stars **

A whodunit story’s success usually depends on its climax. If the climax falls flat, it ends up hampering all the good work done to build up the earlier tension, mystery and suspense. Bypass road suffers from the same malice. The film revs its engine up well to begin and the embarks on a bumpy boring ride only to take an interesting twist and turn post interval to finally arriving at its climax (pun unintended) to reveal a completely unneeded twist in its final storyline.
The problem with Bypass Road lies in its inability to keep the story engaging and riveting throughout. An essential ingredient of a whodunit is tension. Building tension slowly and steadily by making the audience play the guessing game thereby keeping them on their toes is something that By Pass road fails to achieve at regular intervals.
The story revolves around Neil Nitin Mukesh who become wheel chair bound after a car accident. There is a mysterious killer who is baying for his blood. The problem of the film lies in its loosely written screenplay. For starters, the oscillation between past and present was not seamlessly integrated. The love track and dialogue baazi between Neil and Adah was an utter waste of time and highly unnecessary. It took the zing away from the film. The only moment when the movie looks visually enagaging is when the masked intruder chases a wheelchair bound Neil in his mansion. What again takes the sheen away from the film is the apparent superhuman strength of the masked intruder who despite several beating looks as fit as
Neil plays his role decently well. Unfortunately the rest of the star cast are bereft of any great substance. The climax of the film is one with an unnecessary twist.