Shikara – Engaging, engrossing story with a climax that will leave you teary eyed – 4 stars

Shikara’s beauty lies in his Octavian climax. It is akin to listening to a master vocalist at work whose powerful voice takes you heavenly soothing heights and as soon as he touches the highest octave there arrives an abrupt interruption that drops the cresendo but not the tempo. Shikara has one of the most brilliantly conceived, filmed and executed climaxes I have seen in recent times that is almost certain to leave you teary eyed.
The film which narrates the pain and anguish Kashmiri Pandits faced after being forced out of their homes in Kashmir. The film starts with a disclaimer which reads this is a fictional account of true events which is why I would review it from the same point of view. For me three points that hooked and booked me to the film were the brilliant cinematography, the tight screenplay and some really fine acting.
Kashmir once known as Heaven on Earth has been beautifully captured in the film. The sequence on the boat where the actors celebrate their honeymoon is a pauseworthy moment just to appreciate the framing of the shot. The screenplay especially in the first half makes sure to hold audience interest. While the second  half does dip a wee bit, the road to the climax gets it back on track.
The film majorly rides on the excellent performances of new comers Aadil Khan and Sadia. Be it falling in love with each other, the innocent awkwardness they feel while making love on their first night together or the shock anger and pain they collectively feel after being forced out of their beloved homes are effortlessly portrayed by both actors in some fine acting display. Also praiseworthy is the crackling chemistry the duo share together.
Credit goes to Vidhu Vinod Chopra for telling a story that is engaging, engrossing with a climax that will leave you teary eyed.