And Tomorrow The Entire World review – 3.5 Stars

By: Sayyed Sakeena

‘And tomorrow the entire world ‘ is a 2020 German movie by Julia Von Heinz, which was selected for 93rd Academy awards but failed to get nominated. The movie depicts the rising political tension between the Fascists and the Neo Nazi ideology. It shows how youths get involved in it by either supporting one or the other and Germany  being struck by an absolute violent series of racist terror attacks.

The story revolves around ‘Luisa’ , a young law student  who joins a regional  Neo Nazi group to find out more about a planned attack that threatens her friends  and throughout the mission  how she secretly falls for a guy named ‘Alfa’ from her group.

The movie is a thriller and has the right dose of suspense, energy along with an intuition for the accomplishment of the mission in a short span of time. The spirit shown against the fascist is at its peak! Though, there’s a sense of tension in the movie, it however drags a bit in the middle, turning the movie into a slow paced one that lowers the interest of viewers.

Rating – 3.5 Stars