Army of the Dead review – 2.5 stars

By- Sayyed Sakeena

‘Army of the dead’ directed by  Zack Snyder is a Zombie action packed thriller replete with spins and multiple suspense filled moments. The Sci-fi horror flick begins with a  Zombie outbreak  in Las Vegas detaching it from the entire United States. A crew of humans headed by Scott Ward(Dave Bautista) enters the zone of the undead to extract money stocked inside the casino and in the bargain has to deal with the legion of zombies who are ready to unleash violence.

The action driven heist movie that happens to be set during the zombie outbreak gives a dominant  dreadful  feeling  and prolepsis that is built  from the  starting  and  gets the viewers involved in it. The movie has great visual effects  with the cast giving an impactful performance. There’s also a Zombie hierarchy depicted in the movie which turns out to be a new intriguing concept of the zombie world  adding more tension  to the movie. However, the storyline of the movie appears a bit incomplete leaving the audience in sheer dismay with the ending not being explained properly and seems a bit rushed.

The estrange father daughter relationship between Scott  and Kate (Ella Purnell) portrayed, gives  much needed poignancy to the movie  despite all the violence, bloodshed and gore which  continues to make the climax emotional and appealing.

Rating- 2.5 stars