Ahsaas Channa talks about how she boarded the Half CA Express

Mumbai, 7th August 2023: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service’s latest show, Half CA has been receiving rave reviews ever since its launch for its unique, relatable, and intriguing storyline. The plot of this wonderful series centers around Archi’s struggle as she prepares for one of the country’s most rigorous exams- CA. The story delves into how Archi, who is lost in her mission, struggles hard to become a CA while her cousin- Niraj, who technically possesses all of the knowledge required to be a CA but cannot pass the examinations and has earned the label ‘Half CA’. If you want to know whether this duo succeeds in becoming CA, then you will have to binge the show and find out! Ahsaas Channa who essays the role of Archi shares how she said yes to Half CA. 

“I was actually shooting for another show which Harish had written and Khusbhu (the writers) was also there, and we were sitting in the vanity and they were speaking about how they both are writing a show about CA aspirants and the protagonist of the show is a female. I immediately pitched myself and I asked them if they would like to think of me and give me an audition. I really really wanted to be a TVF protagonist, so I pitched myself and I didn’t even read the script, I was already on board. But then I got an audition and I cracked that audition and then I read the script, so basically I think the script wasn’t the reason for me to be on board for Half CA, I think the fact that  it is TVF and my friends were writing it and there was really great director on board” said Ahsaas Channa 

Half CA is streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV, which you can watch for free on the Amazon shopping app and on Fire TV.