Saira Banu Reminisces the Serendipitous Beginning of Karma Movie through Subhash Ghai and Dilip Kumar’s Bond

The evergreen star recalls the first interaction between Subhash Ghai and Sahib and how it resulted in a powerful connection giving birth to the Karma movie

Saira Banu has been seen sharing beautiful memories of Dilip Kumar ever since her debut on Instagram and her recent post has grabbed everyone’s heart reminiscing the priceless bond that Dilip Sahib and Director Subhash Ghai shared and how they continued to work together for the film, Karma.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, evergreen actor Saira Banu shared a delightful incident of the first interaction between Dilip Kumar and Subhash Ji stating, “Sahib’s artistic union with Subhash Ghai not only resulted in cinematic triumphs but also solidified their close bond, reflecting the impact of their creative journey together.”

Saira shares about Karma’s Beginning: A Beautiful Bond Unfolds in the Film. During the 80s, along with a well-known film distributor, R.N Mandre, Subhash Ji had flown to Bangalore with the hope and desire of narrating his recent script to Sahib. The moment of their initial encounter was charged with a blend of nervous anticipation as Subhash Ji stood face-to-face with Dilip Sahib for the very first time. After having a long conversation about the happenings of the country, Subhash Ji finally had the fortune to unfold his narrative before Sahib.”

After hearing and understanding the nuances of the script, Sahib agreed to meet Subhash Ji again to discuss the story further. Following a series of interactions, Sahib acknowledged the story’s potential and expressed his willingness to work on the film, and, at that very moment, their friendship breathed for the very first time.

Saira Talks about the Priceless Bond Forever. Dilip Sahib and Subhash Ji shared a bond that was filled with brotherhood, knowledge-seeking, and compassion. Subhash Ji’s journey with Sahib resulted in three impactful films that left a lasting mark on the industry, and one such movie was ‘Karma’ (1986).

In the film “Karma,” Sahib captivated the audience with his nuanced performance and charismatic on-screen persona. Through the brilliance of his character portrayal, Sahib added a layer of emotional resonance that further enriched the storytelling.”