Teacher’s Day 2023: 5 Shows That Capture the Essence of School and College life


A teacher is someone who motivates you, moves you, and has an impact on your life like no other. We all grew up with teachers of all kinds.  Some of them we may not have liked as much as others, and some we loved like a parent. All through our formative years,  teachers have given us more than just academic lessons,  and have played a crucial role in shaping our personality and moulding us into good individuals. We have enjoyed many TV shows over the years that helped us reminisce about our school and college days and the time we spent with our teachers.

This Teacher’s Day, let us cherish those memories and check out the top 5 shows that capture the essence of School and College life perfectly!

Staff Room – Teacheron Ka Adda

The Dice Media dramedy series,  Staff Room – Teacheron Ka Adda, available on Amazon Mini TV, offers a refreshing perspective by delving deep into the lives of teachers rather than the typical focus on student life that we’ve seen numerous times before. The titular staff room in the fictional Janaki Prakash Public School serves as the most natural backdrop for the show’s focus on committed teachers. The drama puts a spotlight on the difficulties teachers experience juggling their personal and professional lives with their obligations to their students as teachers. The show has proven itself to be a tremendous hit with the audience, with a stellar cast that includes Apara Mehta, Tushar Pandey, Simran Sharma, and Srishti Dixit. The web series explores what teachers go through and the dedication and commitment that make them the backbone of every educational institution.


  “FLAMES” doesn’t just tell a story, it crafts an unforgettable journey through the tapestry of school and college days. The show is a treasure trove of cherished memories, taking you back to those moments that defined your youth. “Flames” catapults us into Kota’s high-stress coaching realm, where Rajat and Ishita, our dynamic duo, shine as the show’s stars. These talented high schoolers cross paths at a pressure-cooker coaching centre, their lives intertwined with the backdrop of challenging academics. Against the backdrop of gruelling preparations, the teachers unknowingly influence their journey, providing life lessons as integral as their academic ones. “Flames” isn’t just a teenage romance; it’s a testament to the mentorship, inspiration, and support that teachers inadvertently contribute to the intricate dance of young love. Tune into Amazon Prime Video to unravel the captivating storyline that threads through every episode


“Aspirants” offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane, mirroring the emotional journey of our academic years. Available to binge on TVF Play, this series effortlessly conjures up the memories of friendships, relationships, and lighthearted banter that forever stay etched in our minds. It captures the very essence of our school and college days, expertly depicting the bonds of friendship, aspirations, and the hurdles that resemble our own past academic challenges. Through its blend of humour and camaraderie, the show transports us back to those late-night study sessions and shared laughter that marked our educational pursuits. Join the gripping journey of “Aspirants” with Abhilash, Guri, and SK, as they navigate the UPSC pursuit in Rajimpur. This series weaves ambition and camaraderie into a roller-coaster ride, offering doses of laughter, drama, and a close-up view into the world of unwavering determination. Set against the backdrop of youthful aspirations, the trio’s dynamic unfolds, capturing both the challenges and the moments of connection that mark the path to success. “Aspirants” isn’t just about exams; it’s a narrative of growth, resilience, and the power of dreams. Brace yourself for a captivating expedition that mirrors the journey of countless aspirants chasing their goals in pursuit of brighter horizons.


Making its entry into Amazon Prime! “Immature” isn’t just a series; it’s like stepping into a time machine that whisks you back to the days of endless giggles, textbook drama, and iconic teenage moments. “Immature” takes you on an electrifying ride back to the early 2000s, introducing you to Dhruv and his buddies who navigate the thrilling, confusing world of high school. Amidst the uproarious escapades and teenage mayhem, the presence of a quirky teacher adds another layer of excitement. This teacher, with their unique quirks and interactions, becomes a memorable part of Dhruv’s journey, adding comic twists and life lessons to the mix. From Dhruv’s endearing first crush “Chhavi” to the relatable school shenanigans, the teacher’s role weaves into the narrative, creating an unforgettable symphony of youth, laughter, and the timeless memories of adolescence. “Immature” not only celebrates growing up but also reminds us of the impactful role teachers play in shaping our lives. Available to stream on MX Player.

Operation MBBS

“Operation MBBS” is here to give you a front-row seat to the thrilling, heart-warming, and sometimes gut-wrenching journey of Nishant, Huma, and Sakshi. Get ready to connect with their stories in a way that’ll make your heart swell with empathy and understanding. Step into the shoes of these remarkable characters as they navigate the unexpected challenges of medical school – a path many have walked, yet few have truly understood. Witness the sacrifices, the struggles, and the triumphs that define their pursuit of a brighter future. With Ayush Mehra, Anshul Chauhan, and Sarah Hashmi delivering performances that will tug at your heartstrings, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away! “Operation MBBS” isn’t just a show – it’s an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you craving for more. The show is sure to both inspire you and take you on an emotional joyride like no other. A must-watch show, available on Amazon Prime Video.