*Richie Mehta speaks on ‘Poacher’ and conservation at 18TH MIFF

The 18th edition of Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) saw celebrated filmmaker Richie Mehta, the director of Delhi crime and most recently “Poacher” in conversation with an eminent journalist, talking about his journey of making both the shows.

Speaking at a house packed auditorium at NMIC premise in Mumbai, Mehta said that the true reason of backing the project, was a larger cause than the conservation aspect the series highlighted. He also expressed that he is grateful that the cause was achieved.

He also spoke about how the favourite part of making a show for him is the ‘research’…”My favourite part of the process is research because you are getting to know people who are really remarkable, you get to see stories that are flabbergasting and that’s where I learn about everything.”

He also spoke about how he was very particular about not using real animals. “There was no chance I was going to use real animals, because then it defeats the whole purpose and the intention of the series…which means the technology has to be of certain level to be able to do that and the artists are all from here (India) who have done that… for me, that is a great sense of pride.”

When quizzed by the audience on the sort of content he would be keen on backing, he said that he is more keen on focussing on the script and the acting which formed the core and paid emphasis on pushing boundaries, using the leverage of ones position to bring forth key issues. He also stated that he is currently researching on being able to take the idea further, with a focus on ‘Big Cats’ .

On being asked if there was any fear while making Poacher, Mehta said “The only fear I had was, will I be able to fulfill my promise to the wildlife team.”

Acknowledging his team behind the much talked about series, Mehta called on the team of ‘Poacher’ present in the audience at the session. The in-conversation was followed by the red carpet screening of the series, with filmmaker Richie Mehta, MD, NFDC Shri Pritul Kumar with other dignitaries walking the red carpet.

The 18th MIFF which commenced on the 15th, concludes on the 21st of June, 2024. In a bid to make the festival accessible to discerning audiences across the country, special screenings have also been organised in Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi.