Rithvik Dhanjani Can Do That! The multi-faceted TV heartthrob emerges winner of Zee TV’s reality show ‘I Can Do That’!


Zee TV’s ‘I Can Do That’, the big ticket reality show that challenged 12 popular celebrities from different walks of life to step out of their comfort zones and perform absolutely stunning, never-seen-before acts has drawn to an exciting climax.  After outdoing his fellow contestants through death-defying stunts and skills ranging from magic and aerial stunts to trapeze acts from the circus and even playing with fire, the handsome hunk Rithvik Dhanjani has emerged as the undisputed winner of the show.   This 5-week rollercoaster of entertainment saw each celebrity putting their best foot forward and attempting feats they had never imagined they could accomplish. The Grand Finale was indeed a star- studded affair packed with theTamasha stars Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor joining in and having a ball of a time with host Farhan Akhtar and the celebrity contestants.

The four finalists were Rithvik Dhanjani, Gurmeet Choudhary, Gauahar Khan andMadhurima Tuli. While all the four finalists gave their best shot to win the audience’s hearts and votes, Rithvik seized the coveted trophy with a ‘magical’act at the Grand Finale. He floored the audiences and the celebrity guests as he managed to first levitate a box, then a girl and if this wasn’t enough, went on to mercilessly chop her into pieces and brought her back to life. On winning the first season of the Indian edition of the internationally acclaimed format ‘ I Can Do That’, an ecstatic Rithvik shared, “The five weeks of rigorous practice, training for various skills, toiling away relentlessly, braving bruises and injuries has finally paid off. I am thrilled at the victory as each one of us contestants were very competitive and strong in our own individual ways. In every round, the idea was to take up a challenge that one has never attempted before. Whether it was my first aerial trapeze act or my magic act at the finale, I had only seen some of these skills in a circus or performed by trained professionals with years of experience but never did I imagine that I’d learn these in a span of just one week. The show was a test of my will power, strength, perseverance, patience and belief in myself. It has been a truly enriching experience!’’

Giving stiff competition to Rithvik was the gorgeous Gauahar Khan whose finale act saw her performing some martial arts stunts and consistency through the season landed her the position of first runner-up. Rithvik’s best buddy actor Gurmeet Choudhary defied gravity with 360 degree spins hung upside down on an aerial trapeze while the ravishing Madhurima Tuli gracefully performed an enthralling sky walk at the finale. Rithvik received the coveted trophy at the hands of the show host Farhan Akhtar.

While the show ends, here’s wishing the winner and all the participants the very best and hoping that they will keep the spirit of the show  – ’I Can Do That’ alive within, forever!