I am a feminist who loves men: Pankhuri Awasthi



Photographed by: Ajay Patil

There is only one thing that could supersede Pankhuri Awasthi’s arresting good looks- her uber sexy voice. Listen to her sing and you will be enchanted. Adept at singing both rap and slow romantic numbers(Her Jaadu Teri Nazar cover is something to die for), the songstress has now released a song named Modern Woman on the eve of woman’s day today.


Talking about her song, Pankhuri says, “My new song is about a modern woman. If she is modern, she is not supposed to cook, if she cooks, she is not supposed to go to work. I feel modern woman is a walking talking contradiction. She is living oxymoron. A modern woman is as efficient as she is confused. She is handling hr family, she is cooking, she has a job, kids and many other things to take care of . She is multi-tasking all the time. I feel a modern woman is a beautiful convoluted  enigma.”


The beautiful song written and sung by Pankhuri is replete with contradictions. From I dig the fast life but love the slow sex to I am a feminist who loves men, the song brilliantly captures the real contradictions of today’s times.


Stressing on what feminism means to her, Pankhuri says, “The whole meaning of feminism is misconstrued. People feel feminist is someone who should  hate men. But I think that concept is a flawed one. Men and women cannot coexist without each other. Feminism is about equal rights to all genders. A man can also be feminist. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is a self proclaimed feminist. I as a feminist believe in giving men and woman equal rights.


Pankhuri is a believer of equality. “I am not someone who says I am a feminist and all men are dogs. I am feminist and I love men,” she signs off.