Will Sarabjit do to Aishwarya Rai what Neerja did to Sonam Kapoor


Let’s put this straight. Aishwarya Rai needs a hit. A hit that will win her praises for her acting abilities. Her second innings has been far from impressive. Jazbaa sank without much trace at the box-office. Aishwarya’s hamming in the film too didn’t cut much ice both audience and critics. She may have told a journalist ‘Why are you acting so desparate?’ But it’s time for her to be desperate now.

Sarabjit may well give her that elusive hit she has been searching for. Just like Sonam Kapoor’s Neerja, Sarabjit is based on a true story. While Neerja was about a braveheart who fought terrorist, Sarabjit no less a hero for the locals of his native. Not many knew about Neerja’s struggles and the same can be said about Sarabjit as well. Sister Dalbir’s fight has not been well chronicled and this movie will perhaps do justice to it.