My smile is my best feature, says model-actress Tripti Sahu



Tripti is a fresh talented face in the field of modelling from Delhi. She is stylish, good-looking, hard-working and have dreams of making it big in the fashion and acting industry. Bollywoodwallah spoke to Tripti to know more about herself and her goals.


How did modelling happen?

I was always interested in modelling and my mom is the one who encouraged me. She wanted to see me in this industry. She learnt about a photographer and got in touch with him for my first ever shoot. I am so freaking lucky to have a mom like my mom.


How was your first shoot like?

My first ever shoot was for my portfolio. I was so nervous and I didn’t knw how to do it. And that time me and another girl were together cause our portfolios were being shot on the same day. I will admit I was insecure.

Why were you insecure?

I was insecure because she was very good in looks. She looked 18+ at time and I was 14 and was looking like a 12 or something. So I felt insecure. But when we started shooting the air in the room made me feel confident. I also look at my mom who was encouraging me and then I started my shoot. Post that, every single person in that room praised me and said I did well. Best part was the girl who I was earlier feeling insecure about came up to me after the shoot and said she didn’t give her best in her portfolio shoot.


So you rocked?

Yeah I rocked that time but what made me happier was seeing a smile on my mumma’s face. She was soo soo happy after listing everybody’s appreciation.

tripti 2

What’s the best compliment you have received till date?

The best compliment which I can’t forgot is when i was shooting in Kolkata and the photographer said that keep smiling you do have very beautiful smile don’t ever stop smiling. Smile is my best feature.


What’s the best advice you mom has given you?

She told me when you get into new career you will meet different kind of people like some are good and some are bad. Even in life you will meet different kind a people. One is the right and the other one is wrong one. The right one is probably gonna be difficult. And the wrong one is going to be easy and it depends on you which path you want to choose. The right one is going to be difficult. You may feel upset or down and wrong path is very easy and you will get whatever you want but on conditions. It depends on us which path we want to choose. If you have trust on your talent, then be patient. Hard work will pay.

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Have you come across bad people in this industry?

Yeah I have met but this industry is a lot safer than the others. In this industry they will ask you and if you say no they aren’t going touch you. But genuine people never ask these kind of things.

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What are your long term goals. Modelling or acting?

I love both though I would like to get into acting more.


What kind of roles are you looking for in acting?

I m looking for lead and 2nd lead. When i was going from my lowest phase, I asked everyone to give me any role but they said that you aren’t made for that just wait you can do good roles.


Kissing and love making has become common in films these days. Would you be comfortable doing those scenes?

I don’t have any problem and I don’t even see any problem with that as it’s a script’s demand. If I want to do a movie and the script demands that then that’s okay.

Quick ones:

Favourite actor and actress?

SRK and Aamir Khan. Deepika and Priyanka Chopra

Favourite dress in Indian and Western?

Saree, Denim Hot pants and crop tops and Gowns

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Tripti Sahu

Height – 5’5

Weight -42kg

Vitals – 32B,26,33