Exclusive: Mahira Khan has not been replaced in Raees



Before garbage hits the roof top, let us tell you that Miyaan bhai is daring enough to stand by the actress he has shot with. Mahira Khan has not been replaced and the actress will be seen in Raees when it releases next year.

Says a source, ” There is absolutely no truth in it. First of all IMPAA has taken a clear stand that all films that have been shot or is in post production should be allowed to be released. They have written to the government about the same. Also, the call for ban is issued by a political party and that is not the official stand of the government. So where is question of replacement arising now.”

For anyone who needs further proof, director of the film Rahul Dholakia tweeted immediately after midnight

Cooker ki Seeti baj chuki hai, aag dena bandh kar.

This tweet could indicate only one thing- The film has already been completed, it’s time to stop spreading wildfire rumours.

Raees is months away from its release while the immediate onslaught will be faced by ADHM.

Says a source, ” Fawad’s role will not be chopped. The makers will issue a statement saying they will not work with Pakistani actors till the situation is normalised and the statement will break the impasse that currently prevails.”