Entertainment whatsapp media group Expandables gears up for its first award show; TV journalist Ritesh Kumar talks about it



Expandables Award will be held at The View in Mumbai on 12th February 2017.

Call it power of dynamic visionary thinking of television journalist Ritesh Kumar combined with the power of messaging app Whatsapp, Expandables media group today is the most sought after whatsapp media group for every entertainment journalist in maximum city. Every one and let me repeat every one worth his or her salt wants to be a part of this group which is by far the best when it comes to sharing news updates, contacts and all other things relating to entertainment. And the group is astutely run by Ritesh who makes sure no other information(read jokes, forwards) apart from entertainment oriented news is shared on the group.  Almost 1.9 months old now, Expandables boasts of 188 credible journalists as its members. And come February, the group will be hosting its first ever award ceremony right here in Mumbai.


Talking exclusively to Bollywoodwallah, Ritesh Kumar shared his vision behind the awards. ” Right from its inception almost every single journalist in Expandables have contributed their best be it in terms of news breaks or sharing contacts and the same continues even today which is very overwhelming. It then struck me that such hard efforts should not go unnoticed. We brainstormed with some of our member friends and decided that every person who has given his sweat and blood and made valuable contributions merited an award. Expandables award is not my brainchild. It’s a team effort and I would like to thank all those who contributed to this idea and made it happen in real. We were earlier planning to have a very small gathering to give away the awards but thankfully with everyone’s good wishes and helping hands it has now grown big and many are lauding this initiative too.”

With many B-town celebs too showing their support by giving a shoutout, Expandables awards looks poised to emerge as one of the credible awards show that honour entertainment journalists from Mumbai and beyond. While things look solid now, the story behind the birth of Expandables is an interesting story in itself. Reveals Ritesh, “I wanted a group where real, decent entertainment information would be shared and nothing else. I remember I was at The Club when my friend Simran Singh suggested this name Expandables and that very night I created a whatsapp group.”

Ritesh has grand future plans in mind for Expandables. ” I want to give a quick and authentic platform where real news will be shared. This is a platform where journalists and PRs coexist under the same roof. I want to make Expandables a destination where every journalist and Pr irrespective of his or her experience or outlet that he works with will have the same value.”

Expandables Award will be held at The View in Mumbai on 12th February 2017.