Dear Armaan Malik, can you now please ask Salman Khan to stop singing instead of targeting Sonakshi Sinha


Dear Armaan Malik,

Actors are actors & singers are singers. Leave the stage & mic to us, that’s our playground not yours. Golden words spoken by the great Armaan Malik. I completely agree with you Armaan. Now I want you to say this to Salman Khan. As much as I love Salman for his acting, I loathe his singing. Get the autotuner out and Salman will be nothing but disturbing cacophony. So I think it’s time to get the message delivered straight to Bhai. Oh but I think there is a catch. He launched you right. In your own words, ” “I think if it was not him, then my talent would not have been recognized. He is like my older brother. For everyone he is the ‘bhai’ especially for me because he molded me into the person that I am today. He has given me guidance on many things like work out, dance and the whole personality development. Getting his support was a huge thing for my career.”

In short, it took an actor to recognise and encourage your talent and make you the name that you are today. So evidently you will have no problem with Bhai singing either in his bathroom, in films or at concerts. Then why target Sonakshi Sinha? She isn’t snatching your bread away. Let me put things in perspective here. Singers in India don’t have the charisma needed to attract global audience.  None of our singers have that compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others like international popstars. Now either you are born with that charm or you are destined to attain one. No singer from India has that charm and has been unable to make a dent internationally as a singer. Sonu Nigam tried but failed. None of our singers still can’t attract audience by the hordes. And that is why we need the star power of actors to back them and draw the crowd. A Sonakshi Sinha today is far more popular than you, Kailash Kher and Sona Mohapatra. A Justin Bieber concert is a place where everyone troops in to see and hear Bieber. The remaining performers are more like commercial breaks. No one really cares two hoots whether it is a Arjit Singh or Armaan Malik. And it was evident at Coldplay’s concert where everyone waited only and only for Coldplay himself. The only other entity who received great applause on stage was Sachin Tendulkar. Surprising isn’t it? Sachin isn’t even related to the film industry. But then as I said earlier he has that compelling attractiveness that can inspire devotion in others. Do you have that in you Armaan? If the answer is no, then you can’t fault Sonakshi for singing on stage. And to give credit where it is due, Sonakshi is not a bad performer on stage. She likes singing, has the fan following, is a recognizable face. So what’s the harm in being at a Bieber contest. She is certainly not ruining a classical concert!!!  Also I disagree with Kailash Kher when he says we are portraying her as a singer before the West and the event managers will then approach her for concerts. That’s really hilarious. Sonakshi will only be approached if they find her singing and rabble rousing skills worthy enough and not because we are presenting her as a singer at Bieber’s concert.

So Armaan rather than criticizing Sonakshi I would like to focus more on your singing as you have just started in the industry and it would be great if you can make your actions speak louder than your words for it doesn’t take long for Humpty Dumpty to take a great fall. Look at Kapil Sharma. Only if he had stayed silent, things would have been great. So it’s time to fine tune your singing skills as you have a long way to go.

As Sonakshi, I was a wee bit disappointed to see you throwing in the towel on hearing such criticism on social media. People will keep barking and continue saying that you have got it easy because of your lineage and will ignore your hard work and talent. You should have simply ignored the likes of Maliks and Khers and gone ahead to make an appearance at Bieber baba’s concert. After all he is Bieber.