Raveena Tandon not in favour of students learning from British oriented textbooks in India

Raveen Tandon is not quite keen on students learning history, politics or any other field that follows the archaic educational insight that was penned by the British while they were ruling India. In other words, the Mast Mast actress wants students to learn Indian subjects and Indian history specifically from the Indian perspective.
Speaking at the launch of author Amish’s Tripathi’s book, Sita, Raveena said, “As far as I have read and learnt our ancient society had powerful women figures. The society then was matriarchal. Our queens were very strong. There was no purdah system then. Even Sita kept her self esteem, honour and dignity alive till the very end. That should come back in our societ. Our ancient history has remained buried and we have been taught from the British oriented textbook and education system. I think the books of old ahoukd return. I have always been fearless. I have always fought for the right thing.”
Praising Amish for his writing skills, Raveena said she will produce a film on Sita if needed.