Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Miniature Artist Suvigya Sharma

sonali The artist does a Lifelike Portrait for the PMO Delhi

Indian miniature artist Suvigya Sharma makes a new mark in history- does a hyperreal portrait of Hon. PM Narendra Modi and present it to him at the Prime Minister’s Office in Delhi. Suvigya is India’s only artist renowned for portrait miniature paintings that he commissions for his crème de la crème clientele in the country and abroad.

The PM’s love for art is no surprise as is evident in his infamous tweet about art posted earlier this year which read, “Art can’t have any restrictions or limits.” The 34 year old artist Suvigya dedicates this painting to the ceaseless spirit and vision of the Prime Minister saying, “I have adored Modiji for being a visionary and taking our country towards becoming a global super power through his vision. The whole country loves him and I could only express my gratitude towards him through my love- my art.”

The lifesize portrait is a detailed (3.5 ft x 3 ft) hyperreal miniature painting with oil on canvas, bears a calm expression on the PM’s face, conveying the artist’s attempt at portraying him as a visionary. The National Emblem broach tucked onto the PMs jacket in the painting is gilded in 24 Kt gold. “It was a proud moment when Modiji explicitly expressed how much he loved the painting. I was truly heartened when he mentioned that the painting will be placed in his own cabin at his office”, he says.

Suvigya is an artist, painter, fashion designer, does miniature paintings, Tanjore paintings, fresco work and portraits. The art which he​ pursues​ is perishing and has a long history of over 2000 years attached to it. He’s​ the third generation artist and has commissioned art​works for a majority of industrial & celebrity families in India and the world including most prominent names like the Ambani Family, Mrs Rajshri Birla, Binanis, Singhanias, Burmans, Piramal family, Sachin Tendulkar,​ Priyanka Chopra,​ Rani Mukerji and​ Kangana Ranaut.

During his meeting with the PM, they discussed about how miniature is a one of its kind art form- its technique, how it has been perishing and how the artist has been striving to nurture and grow the art. The PM also took keen interest in knowing about Suvigya’s aspirations about transpiring his art to the weaker sections of the society and creating opportunities for the newer generations.

With this successful leap, the artist looks forward for affiliating with the government to be representing, nurturing and promoting art and culture. He aims at creating an art ecosystem for the weaker sections of the society through training and skill development. “India has great scope for restoration of historic and heritage buildings. Art, culture and tourism are seamlessly inter-connected. My genre of art can be leveraged to generate more opportunities for the underprivileged by creating skilled artists and artisans in our own country. I wish to draw the attention of the Ministry of Skill Development and would consider myself privileged to be able to contribute towards this cause“, adds Suvigya.

Notably, Suvigya was recently in the news for commissioning a hyperreal portrait for the international heartthrob singer Justin Bieber and presenting it to him during his India Tour earlier this month.