Exclusive: Boldness is an attitude and I have no problem in filming bold scenes if shot aesthetically – Actress Aabha Paul

It is difficult to make a mark in the industry when you don’t have a star father to bank upon. But when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. That is how every outsider has made it big in the industry be it a Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar or Nawazuddin Siddiqui. And Aabha Paul is no different. Honest, hardworking and sincere, this beautiful actress from Ghaziabad is looking to break new grounds with her talent and oomph.
Talking about oomph, Aabha Paul sent temperatures soaring when she donned a hot bikini for an exclusive pool side shoot. Flaunting her curves, Aabha looked every inch of a sizzling seductress. Speaking about her bikini shoot, Aabha said, ” I am a modern woman. Wearing a bikini is not a taboo anymore. I am comfortable with my body and I am confident when it comes to posing before the camera in a bikini. The people I work with are true professionals and that only makes the shoot much more easier.”
Aabha is definitely bold. Making no bones about this fact, the actress says, ” As an actress, you have to be versatile and be open to accept all kinds of roles. Only then will you grow as an actress. If I choose to play only one type of role, I will get stereotyped. I am open to choosing different roles. As far as bold roles go, I am ready to do everything that can be shown on screen in India. Boldness is an attitude and kissing and love making scenes when shot aesthetically is not a problem at all. Ofcourse, I will never do anything just for the sake of it. I will do a bold scene only if it is the demand of the script.”
Aabha’s dreams of becoming an actress were sown since her early childhood courtesy her mother who wanted to see her daughter becoming a matinee idol. ” It was my mom who pushed me and encouraged me to become an actress. She is my inspiration and motivation.”
Her first brush with the glamour world started in Delhi where she started doing modelling and print shoots and soon won Miss Delhi 2006. Later, Aabha realised that she would have to shift to Mumbai, the headquarters of the glamour worl in India to make a career. Packing her bags she arrived all alone in Mumbai.
It was in 2007 when I first came here. I had about four bags with me and I alighted at Andheri. I then took an auto to seven bunglows where I was able to find a PG. I was new to this concept and an aunty there helped me a lot intially in making my accommodation comfortable.”
Slowly, she started her journey in the film industry. “The initial struggle was to make a portfolio and network. I was lucky to have met the late Jagdish Mali, the famous celeb photographer. He clicked my first portfolio free of cost and also introduced me to people in the industry. He was like a father figure to me. I owe him a lot.”
Aabha soon started finding her feet in the industry and soon landed a picture with none other than Salman Khan.
” I had a small role to play in Veer. Watching Salman Khan from close quarters was a privilege and I got to learn a lot by observing him.”
Unfortunately, her part was edited out but Aabha has no regrets. She also played a prominent part in Kamasutra 3D. For the moment, she has finished shooting for a south film called Taste of Death, a murder mystery in which she plays a boss.
As an actress, Aabha is open to roles from different mediums be it theatre, films or webseries. ” I am proud of my Hindi speaking and diction abilities. I am also a good dancer and that is a skill I would like to explore in films in the near future.”
In her wishlist of favourite directors right at the top is Sanjay Leela Bhansali. “It would be a dream to work with Sanjay sir. I am a complete fan. The way he visualises his stories and presents his actors on screen is absolutely unmatched. I love his period films.”
Among actors, she looks up to SRK and Kajol for inspiration. And among the current lot, it is Nawazuddin Siddiqui who Aabha admires for his resilience and rise to success. While her own journey has been replete with challenges, Aabha says she has had many positives in life and that is what she choses to focus upon rather than certain bad experiences. ” I am a positive person and like to associate myself with people who have a positive outlook.”
Ask her what is it that one needs to make it big in the industry, Aabha like Akshay Kumar says, ” Luck.” “Yes, you have to be talented and hardworking but most importantly you also need luck because many times it so happens that people who can’t act are superstars today and people who can are nowhere.”
Here’s wishing Aabha Paul a lot of love and luck in the industry.