Exclusive: The fabulous Nisha Jamvwal talks about life, films and her upcoming talk show

I first saw Nisha Jamvwal at one of Magna house’s prestigious glitzy awards night. There was something instantly appealing about Jamvwal. Standing tall on the red carpet, she was easily the cynosure of all eyes charming the paparazzi with her killer smile and suave poses. Not to mention her elegant sartorial ways also made a huge fashion statement. It was also the night where she received an award for her achievements. That was a few years ago.

Cut to 2017, nothing much has changed for Nisha except the fact that she has a few more feathers adorning her already crowded hat. A proven multi-tasker, Nisha is a perfect example of creativity and hard work fusing together to create magic. Actor, talk show host, interior designer, fashionista are a few good monikers that one easily associates with Jamvwal. With her zest for life, she has taken on even the mightiest of challenges in life with panache and emerged victorious. No wonder her story is inspirational enough to be turned into a biopic. She is a lady of rare fortitude and courage. Nisha also received the ‘Women’s Achievers Award’ from the ‘Femina’ World Women Leadership Congress for her outstanding career performance and CSR work and her life of courage and determination where she treated crisis and adversity as her ally to catapult herself into a famed persona, her joie de vivre and exuberance in the face of personal challenge and hardship make her an inspiration to many women in the world. To top it all, her name also features at rank four in google search in India.


I met Nisha for a chat last week in the plush precincts of  AS Entertainment, globally renowned company that is presently managing her. Greeting me with her vivacious smile, we soon settled in for a vibrant chat.

Delving into her ability to juggle her different professional talents, a modest Nisha said, “If you look at creative minds, they are always restless. You have to like yourself and do what your heart desires and epitomize all the things that you have learnt and loved and do it with all your passion.”

For someone who has seen a lot of ups and downs in life, Nisha has never let life and its challenges to bog her down. Her indomitable spirit stands testimony to this fact. Speaking about her mantra in life, Nisha said, “My mantra is to never give up and always stay positive. So whatever happens in the not so happy phases, I look for triumph and inspiration and i know that somewhere some people are getting motivated by my challenges. I often take breaks and travel. It gives me a lot of good energy. So I consciously take a break from my work to travel to Switzerland, Japan and remote villages in Europe. But finally, I think the real reason behind our triumph is the indomitable spirit of India. We have been knocked around, colonized and lot of other things have happened. But we have always emerged like a Phoenix from the ashes. Look at the Ganpati festival. There is so much happiness around. The lesson to be learnt is to be triumphant and enjoy life and live every minute.” 

Talking about her upcoming chat show that she plans to begin soon, Nisha said, “I have had two very successful Tv shows. I feel now with my myriad experience and more friends in the milieu of films, Tv, cricket, politics will be much more efficacious in drawing out people. For the moment, we are ideating on various shows on travel and interior design. There will also be a slice of life talk show.”

Given her strong connection with the who’s who of Bollywood, it is normal to expect to celebrities from tinsel town appearing on her talk show. When asked to pick two people from film world who she would like to interview, Nisha said, “I feel a kindred spirit in Karan Johar. He has lived all his dreams. He has produced, directed, written a book and also acted. He has sucked life of all its juices. The second person is someone who I have seen when he was a very young football star in St.Columbus and then he grew into a theater actor and worked with TAG – the great Shah Rukh Khan. I did the set design of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. I was a little teenager then but I could see that spark in SRK. He is not your quintessentially good looking man. But what he has is joie de vivre that one needs in the industry. It is a myth that you need looks. You need to have chutzpah and killer instinct. He has both. Look at him in Dear Zindagi and Chak De. He is doing his best and I don’t think people should go after him.

Also in the pipeline is a biopic on Nisha’s inspirational life. A book has already been penned on her lifestory by none other than world famous author Lord Jeffery Archer. Her real life story  has been chronicled in his tale ‘Caste Off’ in the book ‘And Thereby Hangs A Tale’, where she is called by her own name, Nisha JamVwal.

“He fell in love with me,’ said a gushing Nisha and added, “I casually told him my story once and before I knew there was a story and on my birthday he flew down and gave it to me as my birthday gift. He even read it to me and I just had tears in my eyes. I think Jeffrey’s fans and readers will love the movie based on a story that is real but edited with such style and staccato quickness, where there is inspiration but also romance and ambition. In India viewers will enjoy seeing the story of a page three diva they have known and seen so often in the media, without knowing the reality of her life!”

Nisha also has plans to turn her book into a movie – a biopic and is busy charting out plans for the same with AS Entertainment. When asked who she would want to essay her role, pats comes her reply –
Deepika Padukone. She has laid out her life, is strong and I love the way she has lived her life. She is not a hypocrite. I get along famously with her.”
Among actors, Nisha has spoken to Aamir Khan and has sent him her books. “All will depend on his dates,” said Nisha before signing off.
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