Meet our hottie for the week – Tanvi Sinha

Tanvi Sinha is a rare combination of beauty with brains. She can be your girl-next-door beauty or a sizzling babe. We preferred the latter. Fashion photographer AS Photography official has shot this stunning model cum anchor cum actress exclusively for Bollywoodwallah.

Tanvi – What is the first thing you notice in a man? The way he communicates and talks !!! Language is definitely I notice immediately !!!

What is the last thing you notice in a man?
His bank account !!

What turns you on?
A man who has respect for women . Chivalrous behaviour !!!

What turns you off?
Self Boasting !!! Can’t tolerate such people !!

What is your idea of a romantic date?
A candle light dinner on a cruise with no one around !!! ( not too much to as for right !! )

Are one liners cheesy or fun to hear?
Depends .. Too much of it can be very irritating !!!

Tall dark and handsome or short simple and sweet?
— depends !! More preference for tall dark and handsome !!

Hottest man you have ever seen?
—- Christian Bale ( haven’t seen him in person though till now ?

Love for you is— something close to magic

Lust for you is— a part of love

If marooned on an island, who would you like to have as a companion—- Christian Bale of course

Marriage or live in— marriage for sure !!!

An actor you have the hots for?—
Christian Bale

An actress for whom you wouldnt mind swining the other way?- though I would never swing the other way , but if I have to pick someone then Priyanka Chopra !!!

You best asset?— my eyes

Fitness mantra of life?—- your body is a temple !! So keep it safe n treat it as one !!


About the photographer: A.S. Photography official is a businessman who ventured into photography as a hobby and developed it as a part of his work profile.  He loves to capture Nature, feminine curves, Innocence of Children and almost everything that is worth a click.

He is on Model Mayhem where is he open to being contacted and will be interested in working with different kinds of models both freshers and experienced ones. He is open to shooting all kinds of concepts and is available for TFP, TFCD, and Paid assignments depending on the projects and ideas.

Instagram handle : asphotography_official

Model Mayhem:

The above shoot has been designed and shot exclusively for Bollywoodwallah.