Meet model Lincy Thomas – Beauty with Brains

Keeping up with our endeavor of giving upcoming models a platform, our first pick for the day in 2018 is Lincy Thomas. A beauty with brains she can easily be the hot babe you would want to go out on a date with or quite simply the girl next door. Currently studying to be an image consultant and soft skills trainer, Lincy is deeply passionate about pageants and print shoots. Despite family opposition, Lincy fought her way to chase her dream and if there is one person who stood by her silently like her Rock of Gibraltar, it is her dear mother. Here is what she has to say about her modelling experience till date.

How did you get interested in pageants?

I was interested in pageants since childhood. More than modelling, I am passionate about beauty contest because it’s all about beauty with brains and more than that it’s beauty with a purpose. I love competing and that’s how it bought me here.

What are your best memories of beauty pageants that you have watched in past?

My best memories of beauty contest that I have watched till date is definitely Aishwarya Rai getting crowned as Miss World in 1994. The way she answered her question gave me goosebumps. She is someone who has proved to be a beauty with brains!

Who is your inspiration?

Two.  Aishwarya Rai. There is no one like her. But I have one more favorite too. That’s Susmita Sen. Susmita is a special breed. She is one of those very few actresses whose life was never defined by each Friday. If you take a look at her career in Bollywood, her flops outnumber the hits and yet there’s just something about her that makes everyone love her till date. Every time I watch her, what makes me go crazy is her grace, the way she carries herself and the warmth she exdues when she speaks. She personifies the word “compassion”. She has played many roles in her life – a Beauty Queen, leading lady, mother, entrepreneur and many more. She is a true inspiration for every girl.

Describe your experience at the first ever pageant you have participated?

Making your dreams come true is always a special feeling. The first ever pageant I participated in was Face of the year 2017. It was a blissful experience. Being the shortest girl among everyone was a negative point I had. But that didn’t stop me from pursuing what I always wanted to do. Being humble and confident about yourself is what I follow and this have always given me success. Winning a title at Face of the year for MISS BEAUTIFUL HAIR and making it to top 10 was something I never imagined of. I remember performing all alone as there was no one to cheer me up. Not even my family had come to see me. Getting to hear cheering noises from the crowd for other girls never put me down but made me more confident and strong and made me learn to fight alone. All I did to boost my energy was pray and remember how God gave me this platform to live my dreams.

Why didn’t your family come?

My dad and brother are not in favour of me modelling. And not just them but the community I come from. It was my mother who supported me throughout. I remember calling her at night after winning the title and she replying “ok ok be careful and take care and come back home safely”. This answer of hers made me understand that family members are there besides her and she cannot let anyone know about me! I am pretty sure it’s my mother’s prayers and blessings I had that night and I was able to perform with confidence and not because of my smartness.

Tell me about Miss Mumbai 2017?

My second beauty contest was Miss Mumbai 2017. Memories from Miss Mumbai are never ending. It has taught me so many things to grow in life. This pageant is something I can never forget, not because it’s Miss Mumbai but because of the beautiful people I had around. The director and every team member was so down to earth and always ready to help the contestants. Miss Mumbai gave me innumerable experiences.
Here I didn’t win any title but definitely made it Top 8 Finalist. As I hit the ramp, all I thought was – oh my mother is watching me and she is here. Infact I had my friends also this time, my family, my mentors and my teachers. I was so happy. Infact, I was cheered by so many people rather than just my family or friends. This was definitely a boost for me. My best moment was to see my MOTHER waving her hand during my last question answer round.

(Like Mom, Like Daughter)

It was an emotional moment for me because she never came for my competitions and Miss Mumbai was the first one she had come to see. Watching her daughter speak her heart out during the introduction round and 1000 people watching her was something which made her feel proud. I had already won!

What are your future plans?

I am someone who is not just into modelling but also a die hard learner and passionate about my career. Maybe because I come from a Kerala family. Well I am soon becoming an Image consultant and a soft skills trainer. Apart from that I would want to learn more and more as much as I could. And yes I am participating in a beauty contest this year too Mr and Miss Navi Mumbai 2018 since I am passionate about pageantry. Because it’s all about beauty with brains. So beauty contest will be happening always.


Age: 21

Height: 5’4

Vitals- 32-28-36