Vikram Bhatt shoots in real life haunted houses for his reel life story of 1921

One of the locations that attracted Vikram Bhatt’s attention was the Wentworth woodhouse in South Yorkshire, England which is known as one of the most haunted houses in England. The entire cast and crew was instructed to stay together while they were shooting at that location after the occurrence of a paranormal activity of spotting a ghost like figure on the sets. This incident was caught on camera by Vikram Bhatt himself.
Vikram Bhatt who is known for his horror movies and is back with yet another intriguing horror mystery, 1921. He wanted to shoot at locations which signified the era of 1921 with ancient architecture. He chose to shoot at real life haunted places to make sure that his movie looked as realistic as possible.
When asked about this Vikram said, “While shooting the scene, there was no one in the frame except Karan and Zareen but later when we played the scene on the monitor which was when we spotted someone in the background. Looking closely we realized that we have captured a ghost and that surprised us all.”
Vikram Bhatt has always believed that love lives on, in the spirit world and quantum physics will bridge the divide between science and the supernatural. He has always said that it’s all about belief. He says that the point is to just not scare but to make the audience feel for the characters and 1921 is such a film that goes beyond the genre.
The film features Karan Kundrra in his first lead role along with Zareen Khan. The film is shot mostly in Britain and has a very specific reason for shooting at that particular location.
1921, which is all set to release on 12th January 2018, will tell a love story amidst a scare fest. Like 1920, the film boasts of great music, a compelling story and goose-bump-arousing horror scenes. The costumes of the actors are being carefully designed keeping in mind the Victorian period.