Why it is not cool to write and publish Suhana Khan’s pool pictures

I woke up this morning to see many click bait specialist websites happily posting pictures and articles about Suhana Khan’s pool party. In no time, Suhana and her pool story started trending on social media with headlines like –

 “A Pic Of Suhana Khan Goes Viral Again. See Inside”

“Suhana Khan has been clicked near a swimming pool”

“Suhana Khan Beats The Heat In These Viral Pool Pictures”

“Pictures of Suhana Khan you just can’t miss!”

“Suhana Khan slips into a swimsuit and gets temperature soaring –View Pic”

I was aghast to see the luring catch and hook pervading in every single headline put up reputed media agencies. They wanted their readers to click on it and increase their traffic. My mind immediately raced back to the time when SRK had reacted to the nasty penchant of digital news media platforms of making ‘viral’ his daughter swimwear pictures in 2016.

In an interview, SRK was quoted saying, “She was in a bikini, she was on a beach, and she was with her little brother. You went ahead and wrote a headline, “SRK’s daughter flaunts her body.” Is it a little cheap? Maybe I felt it was. I reached out nicely and said, dude, your website is not going to run on my daughter’s bikini body, can you please take it out? People saw where I was coming from. My daughter was a little awkward about it. She’s 16, yaar. And the headlines some sites use are. wow. We’re very liberal people and even had a laugh about it. But it’s still awkward….when my daughter’s pictures were splashed everywhere online and when I jumped to get it contained, I wasn’t protecting her from the media – I was protecting her from me. It’s my stardom that was the reason that picture made it to the news – it wouldn’t have if she wasn’t SRK’s daughter. There could be someone running naked and that wouldn’t be news.”

Sadly nothing has changed in 2018. Suhana is 17 years old. She is not yet a public figure like her father. She is entitled to have a private life of her own. It is a very normal thing to take a dip in a swimming pool with a friend to beat the scorching summer heart. Wearing a swimsuit while in a pool is the most usual thing to do. Clicking pictures and sharing it on one’s private social media account is not an ‘out-of-this-world’ thing to do.

My question to all digital media agencies is this- Kindly tells us why do you have to spin news out everytime a famous teenage star daughter wears a swimsuit. Where are your ethics? I am sorry to say in this case one just cannot say – Jo Dhande ke liye sahi, woh sahi.