Recreating RamLakhan magic with showman Subhash Ghai

Written by: Soumya Bontra

A collaboration between Zee Studio and Mukta cinemas had all film lovers in for a treat on the 6th of May at New Excelsior Cinemas, Mumbai, where the old classic Ram Lakhan was screened in the presence of the movie’s director and Bollywood’s showman Subhash Ghai, along with other cast members like Raza Murad, Satish Kaushik and Anand Balraj.

The multiplex was decked with posters of Ram Lakhan creating an atmosphere of a new movie premiere. Prior to the screening,the director and the cast of the film were warmly welcomed by the press and fans. Adding more beauty to the moment​, Mukta cinemas gave a tribute to the movie personalities by showcasing a video clip which featured some behind the scenes from the movie set, famous dialogues and evergreen songs from the movie. Later, Subhash Ghai himself came forward to share his memories related to the film and narrated few incidents that took place during its making.

Actors Raza Murad, Satish Kaushik and Anand Balraj were all praises of their beloved director and couldn’t thank him enough for giving them some life changing roles. Ghai also shared the story about how Madhuri Dixit was selected for her role and said he was greatly stunned by her dedication towards her work.Trophies were given to all the celebs present by Mukta cinemas as a small token of appreciation, following the screening of the movie.

Later while addressing the press, when Ghai was asked who he would like to see as Ram Lakhan in today’s era, the director replied saying, “Ranbir Kapoor and Varun Dhawan would be perfect for the roles.”

When a journalist asked Satish Kaushik to share his memories with his award winning jodi Aupam Kher, he recalled the good times and mentioned how good friends they have been till date.

The whole event was like a historic flashback for all those present at New Excelsior cinema. It was like revisiting the grand Premier of Ram Lakhan all over again bringing back a roller coaster of emotions attached with the movie for the audience as well.