Parmanu trailer launched, John says privileged to be part of the movie

Written by: Shahina Dhanani

The trailer of “Parmanu” was released at PVR, City Mall, Andheri on Friday. Abhishek Sharma the director of the film who was grateful to the Mumbai High Court for granting them permission said that “ I take this permission as a gift from the government. Today is 11th May- the day nuclear bombs were tested at Pokhran 20 years ago.” John Abraham being the producer and lead actor of the  movie mentioned that he feels privileged to be a part of such a good movie.
The movie is based on the actual incident that happened at Pokhran on 11th May 1998 after which India was declared as one of the nuclear states. The movie finely depicts the actual happenings of the incident. The trailer was good enough for us to understand what the story is. There is a lot of action, thrill and drama in the movie.
Despite being an entertainment movie the team managed to still stick to the plot. The characters are fictional but the plot is real. We cannot call it a biopic but this is something related Neo-realism. Diana Penty looks gorgeous in the army uniform.
The director also shared a couple of behind the scene moments and made the atmosphere light.  He also hinted that they got immense support from the government but not on the records but it. The team also said that the movie is dedicated to Sir APJ Abdul Kalam and other scientists involved in the mission. The movie pays fair justice to the roles played by the characters.
John looks like a true army men in the army uniform. One of the Journalist asked him about his opinion on Akshay Kumar auctioning his navy uniform that he wore in the movie Rustom to which John replied he would stand by Akshay’s side. John’s diplomatic answer has left the press in a great deal of confusion.
Upon asking John about any anti-Pakistan sentiments being echoed in the film, he said that it is a Pro-India film and not anti-Pakistan. The film is releasing in Pakistan with 300 screens.
He also added that the movie was not made with an intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments but to show how and what happened at Pokhran and made us a nuclear state. John mentioned a couple of startling facts. He said that before the 9/11 attacks that Pokhran mission was the biggest failure of CIA. CIA also accepted this for a fact.
Abhishek said that he feels privileged to be the one to direct this film. He is amused that no one in the entire industry thought of working on such a beautiful story as it’s something that made India proud on the international arena. Working on this film was as difficult as releasing it. The director also mentioned that he would really like to arrange a special screening for government of India.