5 Bollywood Star kids who make us go weak in the knees

By Diksha Jha

Everything’s better in a tinier size, isn’t it? Celebrities are gorgeous and their little ones being adorable is just a given. How many times have you found yourself teary eyed and having a baby fever, looking at all these precious tiny babies? Countless, we know!

Bollywood is known to have the most bewitching of personalities and they very well have contributed to the explosive cuteness in the name of celebrity kids in the recent years. Undeniable as it is, here are a few celeb kids that are sure to win over your heart with the most innocent yet unparalleled expressions.

 1) Taimur Ali Khan

Be it his doe eyed glances at the paparazzi during his airport endeavors or his insta-worthy pictures with the older star kids with the likes of Varun Dhawan, Taimur is known to easily become the center of attention, off camera as well as on camera. After all, who would be able to resist capturing the cuddly cheeks and the smile of Kareena’s little bundle of joy?

 2) Aradhya Bachchan

Born to the kind of fame that no one ever is, the daughter of Bollywood’s most breathtakingly beautiful actress- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Aradhya’s innocence and angelic face is one of a kind. In addition, the mother-daughter duo’s adventure at Cannes this year left us extremely weak in the knees over the cuteness quotient on display. Can we take a moment to appreciate how this young lady manages to sweep us over with her style every single time inspite of her age?

3) Ziva Singh Dhoni

Technically even though she isn’t from the Bollywood brigade, we aren’t letting this little cutie pie off our list. IPL 2018 surely got cricket fans all over India hooked to their screens but what made this season even more enthusiastic and got us rooting for CSK was Dhoni’s daughter Ziva’s constant support for her father via instagram. Her “Go CSK” chants were enough to make us go gaga over this munchkin. I mean, how can her ‘Come on, Papa!’ not make you want to give Dhoni the trophy already? Oh and let us add, Ziva is a true diva in the making.

4) AbRam Khan

Blessed with genes of the king himself, this young lad is nothing short of a prince when it comes to the way he charms the paparazzi with his playful and warm looks and actions. Moreover, AbRam is not just a baby, he’s another reason to love SRK more than we already do and that’s been proven time and again by the attention AbRam manages to garner from the media till this date.

5) Misha Kapoor

The adorable tot keeps us smiling with her unmatched cuteness while she learns how to clap (courtesy Shahid Kapoor’s instagram). A born poser, her chubby face lights up so many hearts every time Shahid or Mira share a glimpse of her with us. And how can we not talk about the way her parents revealed tot  their fans that the stork would be visiting the family soon through one of the most mesmerizing and ingenious Instagram post?

Kids are the biggest source of happiness, aren’t they? Here’s to all these darling babies and their friends from all around the world. Keep them coming Bollywood we say!