Nova eyewear announces Jacqueline Fernandez as their global brand ambassador  

Written by: Naina Khetpal

Nova eyewear anointed Jacquline Fernandez as their first global brand ambassador at J.W Marriott Juhu. Nova is the flagship brand of vision Rx Lab- a world leader in eye care innovation for 59 years. Every Nova product is famed for its perfect blend of precision and style, reflecting the brand philosophy of Vision Meets Fashion. Nova eyewear is a global eyebrand which effectively addresses the need of vision correction and protection without compromising on aesthetics, by combining high technology and high fashion. The brand offers wide range of lenses, frames, powdered sunglasses, safety glasses and swimming glasses to choose from.

Jacqueline who was present at the press conference she spoke about her experience with the brand and what she looks in when she associates herself with a brand, “My experience with Nova has been amazing. Before i sign on with any brand. I do thorough research. I and my agency look into what we’ve been approached with. It’s really important to me that I take a brand that I truly believe in Nova is an international brand and its reliable. These were the main factors I considered before signing up,” said Jacqueline.

Speaking about on her style statement, Jacqueline said, “Be yourself. I think it’s really important because we are in a time where people love to follow trends blindly and not really think about setting trends by themselves. If we were honest with ourselves and true to ourselves all of us could be amazing trendsetters. All we need is that kind of confidence to believe that and for me I think my style statement has always been to be comfortable, be yourself.”
Lalit Kumar Gupta, Chief Business Officer of Vision Rx Lab for the flagship brand Nova spoke about Jacqueline being their first global brand ambassador. “Jacqueline was found to be a perfect fit as brand ambassador as she is not just fashionable, but has also found fame in a short span of time. We are hopeful and sure that Jacqueline’s association with Nova will not only refresh regular style codes but also elevate the fashion statement of the generation making them conscious about eye care in general.
On competition from other brands Gupta added, “ Competition is from all the sides. What we are looking for is to grow the segments today. Almost 85% of people need vision correction and a lot of you may feel the need to have some type of corrected spectacle or any other kind but you may not have corrected yourself for certain reasons and we want to bring those people into the category. So our idea is to enlarge the category to make spectacles that something should be fun, should be sought after, should have high technology to it and should be affordable. So that is our main role and we really not looking at the competition. We are looking to grow the market . If you are referring to some big retail companies, we could be probably working with them also tomorrow so instead of looking at them as a competition we probably could partner with because as we understand our company is the biggest and most successful company. Nova is the flagship of lenses and eyewear and most of the retail partners would like to work together with us.”