In conversation with the sizzling model-actress Mia Uyeda

I chanced upon Mia Uyeda’s pictures in Kingfisher Calendar years ago and since then I have been an admirer of her raw beauty, oozing sensuality and talent. While she left Indian shores a few years back to raise a family, Mia is itching to get back into the scheme of things and plans soon on coming to India. In an exclusive interview with Bollywoodwallah, Mia opens up about modeling, acting and her future ambitions.


Hi Mia, It is so nice to see you back in action again. You have a huge fan base in India. Let’s start by knowing what kept you away so long?

I  lived in India for 10 years and I loved it. 2 years ago I decided to move to Amsterdam with my daughter and her father. However things didn’t work out between us and we have separated. But I have decided to stay in Amsterdam.



Why did you leave India? You had everything going so well here?

Yes I was working well and I love India. My daughter was born in India and speaks Hindi. So it’s a very special place for us. I also think family life is very important so I wanted to try to make that work. Sometimes life has other plans in store for us.



Let’s walk down the Memory Lane and get nostalgic. You entered Indian glamour world when you posed like a dream for our version of Pirelli calendar – Kingfisher Calendar. Tell us how did the calendar happen and how was the experience of shooting it?

The Calendar happened when I first moved to India. I had a magazine shoot with Atul Kasbekar. He mentioned the calendar and the next thing I knew I was in the south of France shooting for it! Wow! What an experience. I don’t think I realised how big it was until the calendar Launched. It was really surreal. I immediately got called to The MTV offices and became an MTV VJ.

You became the face of many brands and also were regularly published in top fashion magazines from GQ to vogue. How was the feeling then and also share the warmth that you received in India?

I love the warmth in India. The people are so warm and nice. I always feel like I’m back home.



You made a decent impact in movies especially Blood Money which caught the eye for your sexy and hot avatar. How was it filming for the movie?

Blood Money was an amazing experience. It was a dream come true to shoot with such a prestigious banner. The Bhatts are such nice warm people to work with.


I am sure you must have been received many film offers after Blood Money. Why didnt you sign anything more after that?

After Blood Money I did receive a lot of offers, but they were not the type of roles I wanted to continue doing. I was also very busy with my daughter at that time and wanted to concentrate on being a mother to her.



India awaits your return. What are your plans and how will you go ahead with it? What areas would you now like to explore here when you are back?

I would love to come back to India for an assignment. I’m based in Amsterdam now. My daughter is finally settled in school and she speaks Dutch now too. But I can always travel for work.


Have you kept in touch with your model friends from India?

Yes. I  have kept in touch with all my friends in India.



Why didn’t you try out other international modelling assignments?

I was modelling internationally for many years before I came to India. I was working in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Singapore, and China. Now I have an agency here in Europe and I do modelling assignments here!



Not many good models have made successful transition into Bollywood as an actress despite having the looks and charm. What do you think could be the reason?

But a lot have transitioned into the industry.


You have a lovely family and kid. Tell us how has motherhood changed you as a person?

My daughter is 8 years old. She is the most important thing to me.



Finally tell us, what does it take to have a bikini body. What are Dos and Dont’s one should keep in mind before wearing a bikini?

Bikini body! I guess you just need to be comfortable with yourself. Happy and smile!!!