A Band Of Boys release their new single ‘Chhori’ on Times Music


‘A Band of Boys’ are once again back with their latest song. Featuring Sherrin Varghese, Danny Fernandes, Chin2 Bhosle, and Karan Oberoi, the song titled ‘Chhori’ is a soulful melody which talks about strong affection and longing.

A Band Of Boys reunited in 2018 after a long gap, and left everybody stunned with their song ‘Yuhin Jalne Ko’. Despite the fabulous response from the audience, it took the band nearly 9 months to release their next composition – ‘Chhori’.

Clearing the air around this long gap, vocalist Karan Oberoi said, “All of us have had a great career. Thanks to the wonderful music, people, artists, management, partners and fans in our lives. So, this time when we were to release new material in such a voracious consumer market which is so different from the album/music video era that we were conceived in, we had to be extra careful in the planning, commissioning, writing and delivery of this fresh content that we would be releasing in this phase of our lives. It had to be done keeping in mind the legacy that we have, and the fact that all of us are quite occupied with our solo careers.”

Sharing his reasons about the same, another member of the band, Sherrin Varghese, stated, “The process of identifying a song, which all of us agree with is a difficult task, as all of us have individually different tastes in music. And to come to a common consensus is a bit of a time-consuming process, especially because we as a band are all fully cognisant of our brand value. We don’t want to disappoint the audiences who have given us so much love over the years and have patiently waited for us to release our songs.”

The song has been written by Sugat Dhanvijay and Varkey Patani, whereas Danny Kunjan Savio have done the direction bit for the music video. Also, A&R has been provided by Varkey Patani, Partner, Go Live.

Talking about the experience of shooting the video, Sherrin said, “The experience was a novelty as all of us had such different opinions on how to structure, sing the song and visualise the video. So the song went through its own metamorphosis and that journey was a great ride in itself.”

“In the end, I’m glad that all of us got what we want out of it and hope this is reminiscent of the classic boy band tone that we are known for in today’s time and format,” he concluded

The song was released on Times Music channel.