I am not a superstar yet: Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff doesn’t consider himself as a superstar. He feels he still has a long way to go before he can be called a superstar. Said Tiger, “I am not a superstar. Delhi is far away. I have big dreams and big goals. I am still at 50 percent. I have that greed inside me to prove myself time and again. This greed will never go . It is a healthy attitude to have as it helps in growing in life.”

Tiger also revealed his dream. “I want to be play the role of Spiderman and be a part of Avengers. That is my goal. My dream also is to become like my idol Michael Jackson. Today everyone knows about Michael Jackson. I want to reach that stage where every kid as well as adults will know me.”
Tiger also said that he is okay when Student of the Year 2 is compared to Student of the Year. Said Tiger, “It is normal and natural for people to compare. It is fun. We are being compared to a hit film. It is good. I hope we don’t let our fans down.”