Kangana Ranaut defends sister Rangoli Chandel from director Anurag Kashyap.

Who knew a question asked to Taapsee Pannu in 2018 would still create havoc. Well it would if one replies with something like Kangana Ranaut requiring a ‘double filter’ and being too much of an extremist. While many might have forgotten about this, trust Rangoli Chandel to remember it all and serve it back on the right time. When Pannu exclaimed on the ‘Judgemental Hai Kya? ‘ trailer on Twitter, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel tweeted back by targeting that Tapsee never acknowledged Kangana directly and was Kangana’s ‘sasti copy’. On this director Anurag Kashyap came to Taapsee’s defense saying that he had worked with both the actors and that Rangoli went too far in stating something like this. Pat  came the response from Ranaut herself, “I read Rangoli’s tweets, she was lovingly teasing Varun as he never responded to her when she urged him to speak about Manikarnika, and Tapasee has been saying derogatory things about me- like needing a filter and being an extremist, which Rangoli is clearly upset about- this has nothing to do with her JHK tweet. The way Anurag is protecting Taapsee, my sister is protecting me! What’s the matter, anybody has problems with her tweets, can unfollow her.”

Suddenly Bollywood has become all about everyone protecting someone else, right ?