Super 30 going strong at the box-office


Anand kumar (Ace mathematician) a name you don’t need to google to find out about the movie, someone who used to always trigger a thought as to when a biopic will be made on him and finally it’s here.
This movie is about Anand who hails from a poor background and has nothing to lose. He has immense talent which shines throughout the movie but as the system is, talent alone cannot survive. So he goes through an ordeal where he choses to do what he wants to that is not fame or money but to educate the needy and genuis from the poorest families.
Hritik who plays the role of Anand did justice to the character. He was outstanding in Mohenjodaro, fantastic in Kaabil and brilliant in Super 30. Mrunal Thakur another pick fron small screen looks pretty deceny for the role of Hritik’s girlfriend in the movie. Pankaj tripathi who plays the role of a corrupt minister played his part perfectly and Aditya Shrivastav the CID fame ‘ Abhijeet’ here plays the role of a Ceo of reputed coaching classes played all sort’s of games to get Anand’s passion down last but not the least the kids they were the most perfect casting. Nicely done.
Overall this movie is a mixture of emotions. Even though this movie is based on a true story few episodes in the movie seems to be fictional. However this movie is insipirational to the core and worth a worth. Definitely recommended.