In conversation with the ‘Ullu’ Ceo Vibhu Agarwal

Vibhu Agarwal is the Ceo of the app called Ullu. He is a dyanamic personality as they produce such kind of content which attracts lot of viewers. He is a businessman in truest of sense.

Firstly how did the name Ullu come up? Tell us about that.
Vibhu Agarwal: Its not hard to understand. People who stay awake at night watching tv, mobile are often taunted with question of being a night owl. That’s what came up in our mind. A 4 letter word is very easy to remember. So we researched extensively, thought about lot of names and finalised Ullu because somewhere or the other this word is used in an Indian household. So it hit’s hard. Many of my team members objected, however I went on wikipedia researched about it and found out that Ullu is an intelligent bird and a great observer. Even when you have a look at the calender you might find Ullu besides Goddess Laxmi and the reason behind her having Ullu besides is that he is a sharp observer. So before heading out Goddess Laxmi relied on Ullu to make an indication whether to trust a person or no.

When we talk about Ullu there’s a common perception about it having a bold content. What is your thought on that?
Vibhu Agarwal: Right many people have named it in the market. Many people get to work then it is good and many people who don’t get work they say I create soft porn or Ullu makes soft porn. The thing is we’re doing nothing new whatever the other channels have been doing we are just the same, but we are new. We came slow and steady, by the grace of god it did well. Many of them come to pitch, there are lot of competitors and it creates a misconception. I would like to ask everyone, Am I creating something different? Have I shown something different? Whatever I am showcasing is not like just talk and makeout scenes. It’s a full-fledged story, content.

You have already casted good actors presently. Any big superstar you are planning to sign in for a series or show of yours for Ullu specifically?
Vibhu Agarwal: For our upcoming project our managment has decided that we will cast known faces. The shows which are releasing is also the same however the new projects will have television actors and known stars.

There’s hypocrisy prevailing, when platforms like Netflix or Amazon post nudity based content it is widely accepted. However when apps like Ullu showcase the same content it is termed as soft porn. What do you have to say about this hypocrisy or double standards?
Vibhu Agarwal: It depends, we did had to face little difficulty few times, some of the others refused sayung we know Ullu makes soft porn. It’s just common misconception among people. They don’t really know about it, thats when we ask them to download the application watch it for themselves and that’s when they say we have good topics. They’re such that none of the channels have done that and we boldly presented it. We have focused on the content. Whichever actors who used to refuse earlier now welcome us with a warm heart

Tell us about your subscriber base
Vibhu Agarwali: We have completed 3 million+ subscribers.