Shekhar Kapur and Javed Akhtar indulge in war of words on twitter

Close buddies once upon a time turned foes Javed Aktar nnd Shekhar Kapur indulged themselves in a ugly twitter war. It all began since the open letter about mob lynching, intolerance was petitioned by 49 intellectuals, celebs activists to Narendra Modi. However other filmmakers and actors like Prasoon Joshi, Kangna Ranaut and Madhur Bhandarkar wrote a counter letter opposing the other group’s view.

This political differences has created a spat between two old friends Javed Akhtar and Shekhar Kapur who have collaborated on popular movie Mr India.

Javed akhtar has dissed all of them who has signed petitioned against lynching on twitter including Shekhar kapur. He went on to make statements like Shekhar needs to see a psychiatrist.

This the tweet that triggered Javed akhtar and his reply.