Judgemental hai kya poster accused of plagiarism

Flora Bossi hungarian artiste, who is a photgrapher pointed out plagiarism and striking similarities between her poster and poster shared by Judgemental hai kya film

She posted on Facebook, “Any similarities? It’s a famous bollywood movie poster called ‘Judgemental Hai Kya’. They didn’t ask for any permission nor reached out to me. It’s a shame for big companies plagiarizing freelance artists work.”

The post quickly became viral and was widespread. Citizens came forward in support of Flora, however she faced criticism for blaming Bollywood as a whole hence she had to issue a statement addressing the situation
“thank you so much guys for supporting me❤ but I don’t want anyone to express hatred towards a nation or a country. It’s all about big Industry vs Artists.”

she also added “Bollywood has nothing to do with this. It’s all about the Art department and the creative director. Their responsibilty is the feedback which brings negativity in big picture, which is Bollywood. When someone does a bad thing people can’t blame a whole country was born.”

Ekta Kapoor’s film Judgemental hai kya is loaded with controversies, Kangna’s fight with Journalist Justin Rao at promotional event was the start of it.