Interview session with popular Tik Tok stars Manjul Khattar, Rits Badiani and Talented singer Piyush Mehroliyaa

We met up with the impressive tiktok stars turned actors Manjul Khattar, Rits Badiani and Fresh, talented singer in town Piyush Mehroliyaa
Here they talk about their experiences, the fame and the journey ahead.

What do you think what makes you popular on tik tok?
Manjul Khattar: According to me, what makes me popular on tik tok is good content or a different content, I produce such a content which is unique.

So how do you plan to take tik tok popularity forward?
Manjul Khattar: I’ve already taken this tiktok popularity ahead, I’ve done 3 songs and i’m going to work on lot more projects. So I’ve escaped the tiktok zone long back.

So tell us about your experience of working in a music video, also they have massive views how do you feel about that?
Rits Badiani: Honestly it’s overwhelming! Because we got into trending No. 1 on youtube in like no time and that too for non-stop two days. The kind of views we got in such short time is crazy.

Any challenging moments you had to face during the shoot of this Music video (Awara Shaam Hai)
Rits Badiani: Alot of them, we had non-stop rain in Shimla. We used to always stand under the umbrella and whenever the rain used to halt we were like let’s shot shot… That was the only way we were shooting. It took around 4 hours for one shot! All because of the rain. We had sleepless night. But it paid off.
Piyush Mehroliyaa: One thing I noticed is that whenever we used to get back from shoot at 1 am, they used to be ready again by 3 am for the shoot. It’s was all worth it.

Piyish you have a very beautiful voice, plans of entering bollywood or dropping an album anytime soon?
Piyush Mehroliyaa: Bollywood has always been my childhood dream and ya we are planning something, list of good songs will be out. Very soon. With Meet Brothers

Who has been your inspiration?
Piyush Mehroliyaa: First of all KK and then Arijit.

So how was it to work with Meet brothers?
Piyush Mehroliyaa: With Meet Brothers it feels so good, they treat us so well just like a younger brother or sister. They give lot of support and love. They are really good.
Rits Badiani: Totally! During Muje Kaise Pata Na Chala I remember that was the very first time we met, they were so welcoming like Baccha we have to rock this, we have to nail this and we did that. Even now for Awara Shaam hai we finalised this song at 2am on a conference call. It just makes you feel so special when they treat you so well.
Manjul Khattar: My first break was offered by Meet Brothers and since then I have been getting good vibes from them. They are extremely cool, no stress given and that is what I like and there is no pressure from them they’re always like do as you like. But focus and rock it.

Are you guys dating?
Rits Badiani: it’s not at all true Manjul and I are bestest of friends and I think people have this thing because of this one bollywood line “Ek Ladka aur Ek Ladki Dost Nahin Ho Sakte.” Best friends also have great chemistry. What do you think Srk and Kajol were?

Any specific people you would love to collab with?
Piyush Mehroliyaa: Pritam Da, I would love to. (giggles)
Rits Badiani: I would love to collaborate with every single person on this planet. At the end of the day good content, good work is all that matters.                                        Manjul Khattar: There are many people I would Love to collaborate with, but the one on top is Ariana Grande.

Many people criticize tik tokers saying that they do nothing but lip sync. What message do you have for such people?
Manjul: Such people are not able to do anything on their own and start bashing others. Lip sync happens in bollywood as well and it’s not limited to Lip sync I’ve made dailogues of my own which were trending and of which people have lip synced on and out of this the people who bash don’t know thing we put on trend is stolen and used by other content creators. So I don’t really care who says what about this and when it comes to criticism when people watch someone growing be it any field acting, tiktok or businesses there are tons of criticisers everywhere
Piyush Mehroliyaa: This thing is no easy. People who talk, keep talking however you can see where they (tiktok stars) have reached now. They’re making it big now.

( This session ended with a beautiful Jam Awara Shaam Hai sung by Piyush in his melodious voice along with Manjul Khattar who also amazed us with his good singing ability.)‎