Meet the sexy, crazy and weird Dona Roy

Her eyes sparkle with fire when the camera is focused on her. She flicks her hair like a diva and gets into her elements. The only difference is she loves being esoteric. Usuak normal shoots are boring for her. She likes to tread the path rarely taken. It is the crazy and weird themes that attract her persona. And she puts on her sexy, hot self while shooting these crazy themes. Meet the young 21 year old bengali beauty , Dona Roy who is here to slay with her looks and crazy style.

How did modelling happen?

To cut a long story short, I grew up watching my mom perform and I always knew that is what I wanted too but more than anything being a performer is in my blood be it modelling, acting ,dancing,singing. I always knew that’s my destiny.

What do you like about shoots?

I enjoy the process of shooting as a whole whatever makeup I am wearing, Whatever attire am wearing. I can immediately shape shift into that character. So I enjoy whatever concept is thrown at me.

Why do you like weird concepts?

The fact that it so very common and yet so uncommon as people always try to hide it.

What has been the most challenging shoot till date?
I think it has to be when I was shooting for a saree brand and I had to stand in a certain position as my entire saree was pinned. So if I moved an inch it would have fallen apart on a little piece of wood while another girl just kept ripping off the saree off me and putting on a new one. That went on for 8 hours or so. That was pretty exhausting but if you say challenging, I have not been challenged yet.


What are your future plans?

I am still in my 3rd year. I am too young to be rigid about things right now. I wanna experiment,make mistakes ,learn from the.. Having said that I do have goals bt that’s not specifically limited to a geographical location. Whatever excites I am gonna go for it!life has just started for me.

What makes Bengali girls bold and confident?

The answer is in the question itself. I am a Bengali. I was brought up as a strong,opinionated,independent open minded girl. I guess every bengali is. I am so proud to be from Kolkata. It has shaped me as the person I am today. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

An actor you want to romance on screen?

The Shahrukh Khan. Every girl has the same dream. I am no exception.

At gunpoint if you had to go lesbian, who would the girl be?

I heard your question and started thinking of names. and I realised there are so many hot women out there..too many…can’t even decide..I dont think I would require a gun on my head to be attracted to them..gosh..hahaha.

If marooned on an island who would you prefer?

I would prefer a boy band which I am gonna compose. So it will have Hugh jackman ,John stamos ,Jason Bateman,Norman reedus ,and Shahrukh khan. That would one hell of an entertaining scenario.

Saree underneath a waterfall or bikini on a beach?

Saree underneath a waterfall. I cannot help the fact that I grew up watching Hindi movies!


Height – 5’5

Weight – 48 kgs

Vitals – 34-24-35