Model in focus – Dr. Shreya Sonawane

We met aspiring model Dr. Shreya Sonawane for a quick chat to know more about her life and aspirations.

Tell me something about yourself?

I am Dr. Shreya Sonawane. I have been born and brought up in Mumbai itself. I was a bright kid in my school days. I lost my dad when I was three. Since then my mom carried out both roles. And she has been really great! I passed my school with really good marks which gave my mom a hope that I can be a doctor. I got the college I desired (Ruia) and post that k.j somiaya medical college. And now I have a prefix before my name which I am proud about.

How did you get interested in modelling?

It was my 12th standard when I participated in my college team for Maharashtra Utsav . My college team won the fashion show but I lost as the best female model. Here’s the twist. The organizer came to my college next day and met the choreographer and apologized for taking the wrong name on stage for best female model. They confused someone else’s name with mine. After the first show I got too much of appreciation and also that made me feel alive. That’s when I realized I wanted to get in to modeling. I did miss Thane 2015 and won it(tragedy they announced wrong name at first but later they confirmed and made me the winner).

You have mentioned that you come from a conservative family. Why so?

I said my family is orthodox and conservative. I heard my grandfather telling my uncle that female are supposed to be kept at our feet. And all the incidents that happened at my place till now shows how male dominant place this is. I respect him as he made sure we do not deal with any financial problems in education. But otherwise he created so many problems. My grandfather is concerned about his image. If I do modeling or something I might ruin it which he himself has ruined. My mom is of course insecure as all she has been hearing about this field as it has ruined alot of females lives. But it took me a lot of efforts to convince her(by a lot means I literally got into mbbs and passed all my years in one go) and al ot of convincing. Every body at my home except for my grandfather and grandmother knows that I have won miss Thane. Infact my uncle told my mom that I won’t pass my final year of MBBS (which is the most difficulty year) if I continue doing modeling also. But luckily I proved them wrong.

Do you see their mindset changing?

Probably their mind set won’t change. May be they will accept or may be they won’t . But I would be able to take a stand for my mom and also give some confidence to such females who have been through what me and my mom.

Professional details

Age – 24

Height – 5’6

Bust -34
Waist -25
Hips -34