Does Shahid Kapoor deserve Best Actor award for Kabir Singh?

Shahid Kapoor attends an award function and unceremoniously leave midway. No award and no performance. The question to be asked is why did Shahid attend the awards night in the first place. To watch, enjoy and clap for other award winners? Certainly not. It is an open secret that most A list actors attend award ceremony only when they are promised an award in return. The question to be asked is why did the award organizers develop cold feet and thought it fair to rob Shahid of an award that he was apparently promised? Was it because the film in contention was the very controversial Kabir Singh.

I think it is time for every award organizer to take cognizance of the fact that Kabir Singh is one of the biggest hits of 2019. That itself is testimony of the fact that the film has been watched by majority of viewers in India. It has had great repeat value with many cinegoers watching it for the second and some even for the third time. The movie played at Gaiety Galaxy for more than two months thereby cementing its huge popularity.

The movie released on a normal working day. Despite not getting Eid, Diwali, Holi or Christmas, the movie raked in tremendous moolah at the box-office. Not to forget, it was also released at a time when cricket world cup was on in England and the whole of the country were glued to their Tv sets. Despite such inclement weather, Kabir Singh bulldozed its way with great gusto.

Shahid Kapoor was in top form performing brilliantly as the alchoholic, possessive lover. Period.

For all feminists who have been beating their chests and claiming Kabir Singh is problematic, I have a simple question. Why don’t these feminists ever question Aamir Khan, Raju Hirani and other cast and crew of 3 idiots for having a rape specific joke? No one ever said Kabir Singh is Lord Rama. He is not maryada purshottam. He has his flaws. Does that mean when a filmmaker is showcasing them on screen, it is akin to glorifying them? In that case, every film where the hero is an anti-hero should be vehemently opposed by the feminists. Scold Ranbir Kapoor for playing Sanjay Dutt on screen, SRK for playing a mad lover in Darr and all other anti-heroes who don’t fit the definition of righteousness of these feminists. Simply put, feminists are jobless trolls who like to take a scene from a film and dissect it by placing it out of context.

It is time for award organizers to ignore these nonsensical feminists and trolls and pave a new path by awarding Kabir Singh and Shahid Kapoor for achieving immense popularity and entertaining millions.