Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream – Documentary for the IITians by the IITians

By: Charmi Shah

This is a documentary is for IITians by the IITians and of the IITians. At the very outset it needs to be said that this is nota boring documentary like the ones we are used to seeing. It portrays stark reality.  I like the reality of it and also its not the boring documentary that we used to see before. It shows those things for which IIT students come to IIT INSTITUTE which our ranked based stream and students have no idea about. This documentary series has been made after doing a lot of research and the result is there for all to see.

The documentary also show how students do a lot of activities apart from studying. In a way, it is a replica of 3 Idiots and Operation MBBS part one and two.

At times the male bias can be observed in the show and it is important to strike out the herd mentality which believes that girls can’t excel in sports or coding. The documentary also delves into the personal problems of IIT students like indulging into smoking, drinking and drugs due to depression. Being full time on the campus away from your family and friends can take its toll.