Halston webseries review – 2.5 stars

By: Kavya Pillai

The five episodic series is about the life of designer Halston, whose step into the spotlight was when Jackie Kennedy (then first lady) wore his hat, which led to every woman in New York wearing a Halston hat. The designer faced several lulls in his career when hats went out of fashion and the time Calvin Klein dominated the market with jeans. This series illustrates his life quite honestly from his muse, singer/actor Liza Menelie to his romantic partners. In episode one, you see Halston tell his assistant that if he wants to work in the team he must definitely be clean, when the man was caught inhaling drugs and if he needed any help like rehab or counselling, he would get it. As the episodes progress, you witness Halston succumb to substance addiction.

This series isn’t necessarily a happy documentation. The aesthetic and dramatization strike a chord like the film ‘Phantom Thread’. A true admirer of fashion and the world of couture will enjoy the backstory to iconic dress pieces by the designer. For the rest, there are a few takeaways from the show such as, never give up and most importantly never sell your name.

The series is streaming on Netflix.

Rating: 2.5 Stars