Koi Mil Gaya To Return On Big Screen After 20 Years Since It’s Release

By: Priyal Joshi

Rohit and Jaadoo are all set to return on Big screen! On August 8, Koi Mil Gaya will celebrate it’s 20 years anniversary. To celebrate this special occasion, the creators along with PVR INOX have decided to re-release the movie. On August 4, the Hrithik Roshan, Rekha, and Preity Zinta starrer will once again be released in 30 locations, including Delhi and Mumbai.

This was the first movie which introduced India to science fiction and featured a cute alien creature. The impact of this film is such that people still fondly remember it. It was really fascinating for kids back then to witness something like this. It was different than the usual romcom films which were a lot popular back then. Talking about the film, Rakesh Roshan shared, “I keep seeing Jaadoo being spoken about every time there’s a lot of ‘Dhoop’ during Summers or an alleged alien spotting across the world or a mysterious sonic boom heard from the sky. For any film to pass the test of time, it needs to have a strong emotional bond with its audience. I think Koi.. Mil Gaya connected with the kids, who have now grown up, some having children of their own today. Emotions conveyed through memorable dialogues like ‘Mere papa se seekh kar aaya hoon’, ‘Mujhe kuch dikhai nahi de raha hai maa’, ‘Haila Jaadoo’ etc. are etched in the memory and I see them being used in situations even today, especially in memes.”

PVR Cinemas took their Twitter handle and shared,”Celebrate 20 years of #KoiMilGaya with a grand re-release at PVR from 4 Aug 2023! Relive the magic of #HrithikRoshan‘s splendid performance, #Jaadoo, and powerful storytelling by #RakeshRoshan. Directed by #RakeshRoshan, the film stars #HrithikRoshan #PreityZinta and #Rekha. Don’t miss this beloved classic! Join us from 4th to 10th August to rediscover the magic at PVR!”

Don’t miss out to revisit this nostalgic film with your friends and family!