Khichdi 2 All Set To Release In Cinemas On Diwali

By: Priyal Joshi

Indian viewers are in for a treat as Diwali draws near thanks to the sequel, Khichdi 2 – Mission Paanthukistan.The sequel to Khichdi: The Movie, which released 13 years ago and was the first movie in India to be based on a sitcom. It has Supriya Pthak starring in the lead role. This Diwali, the eagerly awaited sequel Khichdi 2 will finally hit theaters. The renowned Parekh family is all set to deliver twice as much laughter and chaos in this brand-new cinematic installment, carrying on the heritage of more than two decades of entertaining India.

The creators released a teaser as a date announcement video on Friday. The teaser features all of the prominent actors from the well-known sitcom. Additionally, Farah Khan, who made a brief appearance in Khichdi: The Movie (2010), can be seen in a “super special appearance.” Even the humor is classic Hansa, with Himanshu equating NRI with MRI. Khichdi 2 – Mission Paanthukistan, written and directed by Aatish Kapadia and made by Hatsoff Productions, takes viewers on an exciting roller coaster journey while exploring new facets of the Parekh family’s dynamics. It is led by the actors and producers Jamnadas Majethia (Himanshu), Supriya Pathak (Hansa), Rajeev Mehta (Praful), Anang Desai (Babuji), Vandana Pathak (Jayshree), Kirti Kulhari (Parminder), and Vandana Pathak. It’s interesting to note that Vandana, who wasn’t present in Khichdi: The Movie, rejoins the Parekh family in the sequel. Khichdi is the only Indian sitcom to start as a stage play and later become a film, web series, and have a comedic adventure sequel. Early in the 2000s, Star Plus broadcast the well-liked 98-episode Khichdi series over the course of two years. It followed the peculiarities of a Mumbai-based Gujarati mixed family.

Another program based on a joint Indian Gujarati family dwelling in Mumbai was recently produced by Aatish Kapadia and Jamandas Majethia with the title Happy Family: Conditions Apply. Ratna Pathak Shah, Surpiya’s older sister, played a  matriarch in the series that was streamed on Prime Video India earlier this year.