Force IX, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar’s redefined athleisure brand, who is launching its A/W’23 collection of clothing.

Force IX’s A/W’23 collection is an ode to the sanctuary we call home. This season will witness the celebration of all things that remind us of where we come from. The inspiration is drawn from the humble elements of our homes in the form of aesthetics, such as the curtains, the table linen and the showpieces that the home adorns. The designs showcase the interplay of colour blocking, geometry and unexpected colour combinations, all infused with minimalism.

The sweet nostalgia that one carries with them when they are away from home is translated into the ensembles in the form of floral and tonal prints, washed-out effects and handwritten fonts. The collection also witnesses a whimsical tribute to the joyful and lighthearted memories that were made within the walls of our homes. Inspired by this playfulness, the ensembles have varsity-inspired graphics, together with pops of colour through visibly grand graphics and trims.