Akshay Kumar Birthday Special

By: Priyal Joshi

One of Bollywood’s adaptable actors is Akshay Kumar. He has portrayed a range of roles, including action heroes, comedic stars, and romcoms. On a recent episode of “Koffee With Karan 7” with Samantha Prabhu, Akshay got sentimental and talked about his early days in the showbiz. He acknowledged that he simply accepted any work that was offered to him and continued to put in a lot of effort regardless of the kind or duration of the position. He was honest enough to confess that he initially entered the field for the money, thus he accepted whatever opportunities presented himself. Since his debut, he has consistently put in a lot of effort, and numerous of his co-stars from the 1990s, including Ayesha Julka, still praise him for it today.

When action was first introduced to Hindi film, Akshay Kumar became the action star. Because of the success of his 1990s roles in movies like “Mohra” and “Main Khiladi Tu Anari,” numerous other action flicks were produced. This type of action had never before been portrayed on screen by an actor. Nevertheless, just when you assumed he was limited to action roles, he defied expectations by acting in other genres. After he began acting in comedies like “Hera Pheri” and those blockbuster entertainments like “Welcome” and “Houseful,” his career accelerated even further. He once had a run of 16 consecutive flops, but these enormous box office successes let him bounce back. He was able to touch more hearts with these family comedies and ensemble comedy since they catered to audiences of all ages.

The actor shattered the stereotype once more by choosing a variety of socially relevant issues in the shape of “Toilet Ek Prem Katha” and “Padman” in contrast to movies based on true events like “Airlift” after making a lot of comedies and becoming typecast into that genre. His ability to captivate people through a strong emotional connection and a sense of empathy was aided by making relevant films.

There’s no denying that he’s one oof the most influential actors in this day and age and has many exciting future. We are looking forward to what future has in store. Wishing him a Happy Birthday with best wishes.