Zeenat Aman’s Bold Perspective on Problem-Solving: “Suck it up and deal with it” revealed on Tinder Swipe Ride streaming on JioCinema 0n 15th September

By: Priyal Joshi

On September 15th, get ready for the newest episode of Tinder Swipe Ride, featuring the elegant and talented guest, Zeenat Aman. Swipe Ride streaming on JioCinema is elegantly hosted by the popular actress and celebrity, Kusha Kapila. The show brings in renowned celebrity guests who, alongside Kusha, embark on a unique journey: dropping Tinder users off at their dates. During this entertaining ride, the trio engages in insightful discussions about the latest trends in dating culture and offers valuable insights on how to enhance relationships. In the upcoming episode, we’ll have the pleasure of witnessing the diva and evergreen star, Zeenat Aman. She will be seen sharing her perspectives on contemporary dating trends and intriguing glimpses into her personal dating experiences during her prime.

During their ride, Zeenat Aman thoroughly enjoys the delightful company of Kusha Kapila and Devanshi Shah as they engage in a fascinating comparison of contemporary and traditional dating trends, particularly those from Zeenat’s era. In a reflective moment, Zeenat candidly remarks, “I’m grateful this generation has access to therapy and parental support. Back in my time, I simply had to ‘Suck it Up and Deal with it,’ which meant handling the immense pressure and challenges largely on my own, without the valuable resources and emotional support available today”, highlighting the immense pressure she had to bear as a famous personality. She goes on to express her admiration for independent and self-sufficient women, appreciating the strides that today’s women have made.

As the ride nears its end, Zeenat imparts some valuable pieces of wisdom to the young and hopeful Devanshi, who envisions a beautiful future for her upcoming date. This meaningful exchange underscores the depth of insight and experience Zeenat brings to the conversation, making for a truly enriching episode. Find out what all she talked about now!